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Men's Clothing Keela Men's Pulse Micro Fleece Top Red/Black RXBOHKOPP

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Wickable and breathableWorks well as mid or base layerWarm - high warmth to weight ratioLightweight - soft and compressible for easy packingQuick drying

The Pulse Micro fleece for men that is suited to warmer conditions because it is lightweight, but also colder conditions due to its excellent thermal properties. It is made with Keela’s Zetland 100 Micro fleece material which has a high warmth to weight ratio.

This fabric is wickable, quick drying and breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable in any condition. It can be used as a mid layer in warmer conditions or as a base layer in colder weather. Its lightweight and compressible nature allows for easy packing. It has a collar zip for ventilation.

Outdoor Enthusiast BestBuy: “The weight is good, and this low weight and non-bulky fabric allows it to be easily stuffed into a pack”

Keela Men's Pulse Micro Fleece Top Red/Black RXBOHKOPP

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